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    Alessandro and I are friends first, commercial collaborators second. From this relationship order comes a trust and honesty that enables free-thinking and inventiveness. We were almost looking for an excuse to work together. That opportunity presented itself as we journeyed back from Milan together one day. Ale had scribbled a kitchen concept. He presented it to me as I was driving! Immediately I loved what I saw. I took my foot off the accelerator and considered the piece of paper now partially obscuring my view of the road! Yes this was it. This was the concept I knew I wanted to use to energise and inspire the output of my kitchen company, Record e? Cucine. Further thought led to further excitement. Excitement added to my commercial commitment to engineer a product so beautiful and usable, that it would redefine stereotypical kitchen design.

    Friendship, talent, commitment and hard work, in that order, all had a hand in creating theCut, a kitchen that I’m proud to say represents Record’s commitment to discovering, supporting and developing, new design possibilities.


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